From Housewife to Film Maker

After being a housewife/stay at home mom for 23 years and 8 children, I'm learning to be a film maker.

Okay, due to getting 3 times the hits over here then at my new addy I must post the following… January 23, 2010

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I am baffled by the number of hits I’m not getting at my new site.  I’ve dropped like a rock.  This site is getting triple the hits.  This doesn’t make any sense.  It’s nuts.  So there’s this internal conversation going on between those two parts of me that co-exist in uneasy stability…

One side says, “You need to double post… here and back at our old home.
The other side says, “One of the reasons we came over here was to stop double posting on Blogger and WordPress.”
The nervous, jittery, twisting a tissue around her finger side says, “Then we need to go back to our old site.”


I MOVED…Same old Blog, Just New Addy . . . January 20, 2010

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I moved from this “apartment” at to MY new .com “house”

Please come visit my new place…


I’ve MOVED… finally. . . January 19, 2010

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Hello, and thank you for coming to by.  Some of you will remember that I was planning to move to my own self-hosted blog so I’ll just be and not

Well I did it!!!  I made the big, and scary move.  Finally.  Here’s the click and go link:

Please move your RSS feeds and if you’ve linked me on your blog and whatever you have all done to read me to this new addy.  I will really appreciate it.

And to any and all that have done the above THANK YOU, I appreciate your support.  You’re all my great friends.

Hope to see you at my new place  :)

Theresa Jane


All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men Couldn’t Help Me . . . January 17, 2010

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As I said in the last post, “All the king’s horses and all the kings men” couldn’t fix the problem that had developed between me and my child/ren.  Only I could belly up and take RESPOND-siblity for what I had created.  Own the whole mess.



Taking my paRENTal RESPOND-sbility . . . January 16, 2010

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Tonight there was another step forward healing my relationship with my adult child that said they wanted nothing to do with me.  We spent an evening together, that they initiated, and it was wonderful.  So wonderful that we were supposed to watch a movie but we never got to it because we talked so long.  The talking was light and (more…)


The Ice Age Movie, an acorn, and Me . . . January 14, 2010

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Close-up of the fountain

Frozen Water Fountain
So why did mention in my last post that it felt like the Ice Age movie?

Well, in the last post I told about a conversation with John.  During it I had mentioned that there was a “crack” in me and that was what triggered it…
See, when it came to my mother, I knew, that when I was young, I had frozen (more…)


A tiny crack . . .

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John, my friend and business partner, called…
“Theresa can you go to YouTube and watch the new movie I posted.”
…….watching movie……



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